Our modern bright 510 m2 game hall is perfect for training, competitions and school physical education classes. It has everything you need and more – an electronic scoreboard, sound system and a temporary stand with up to 300 seats. You can also rent the necessary sport equipment. The hall is suitable for amateurs and professionals. Everyone is welcome, we take bookings from individuals, organizations and schools.

Basketball is a popular thrilling game which is played in the street of many countries throughout the world. Many world famous NBA players started their careers as street amateurs. Basketball is a great alternative to spending time in front of a computer or TV. Come for a fun workout! Basketball does not require expensive equipment or the learning complicated rules of the game. Our high-quality hall is a perfect place to enjoy the game.

Badminton is a fantastic workout for all ages. Not only it is easy to learn, it is very energetic and extremely fun. During a typical game the player can easily run a couple of kilometers, improving musclar strength, precision and coordination. Did you know that the speed of shuttlecock can reach up to 320 km/h?

Volleyball is a team sport which develops reaction, coordination and physical strength. We welcome both professional athletes and amateur sports fans. We offer fully equipped modern bright hall with an opportunity to use an electronic scoreboard. Come and play!

Futsal is a type of football, which is founded in 1930 in Uruguay. The game is played with a football like ball, with a 30% less volume and heavier weight. The goals are 3mx2m and it is played generally in the field surrounded by the legally accepted basketball field outer lines.


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